Online Counseling & Online Life Coaching

For online sessions (Skype Therapy/Skype Counseling/Skype Life Coaching) you need to follow these steps:

  1. Make an appointment, either online or request one by e-mail.

  2. Check your e-mail to confirm your appointment (no login required), you will also receive an e-mail with some information forms you must read and fill.

  3. Make the payment for your counseling/life coaching session here

  4. Check your e-mail again, you will receive a confirmation containing all the details of your appointment, the confirmation for your payment and my Skype username

  5. Install Skype free software in your computer and create a Skype account. Skype is free to download off the Internet, easy to install and set up, is free of adware/malware/spyware and confidential

  6. Add my username in your Skype contact list

  7. I will contact you via Skype at the exact time of the appointment you made


  • Online Skype Counseling / Skype Therapy / Skype Life Coaching: $40 per 50-minute sessions, Monday to Friday

  • Online Skype Counseling / Skype Therapy / Skype Life Coaching: $40 per 50-minute sessions, during week-ends

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Note: An emergency session is an appointment you make no more than 2 hours before the actual session takes place.


Payment can be made in advance by direct bank deposit in this bank account or via PayPal using your credit card.

Note: Please note that payment, once made, is non-refundable. However, if you cancel your session with more than 2 hours notice, the fee can be applied to your next session.

To make your sessions more effective:

  • Please try to create a private space without any distractions where you can be alone during the session time (preferably 10 minutes or so before and after the sessions)

  • If possible please use a head set with microphone (speaker phone might create an echo). You will also need a webcam if your computer doesn’t have one built in

  • You may benefit of one or more sessions. Completion of counseling may occur at any time and may be initiated either by you or by myself, and I believe open communication on this subject is very important

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